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Knowledgeable professionals implementing the best solution for your organization.
Public Safety recording to ensure quality tracking of critical calls.
The best voice recording has to offer.

"We listen to your needs and provide full circle consulting to meet the demands of your organization. We provide tailored solutions by working with the vendors that provide the optimum fit, while providing the best possible value."



Speed, accuracy and reliability are prerequisites of any solution designed for the emergency services or other safety-focused organizations. With a long history of working with police, fire, coastguard, transportation and construction services, we understand your needs.

We help organizations comply with internally and externally enforced regulations and standards, which require the capture of mission-critical communications.



Improving quality of service while reducing operational costs is a key aim for call centers. By capturing and analyzing customer and workforce conversations, your business can achieve both goals.

Call recording helps call centers improve quality of service, optimize operational performance, and quickly resolve disputes. We provide a comprehensive and trusted software solution for organizations that want to capture, secure and analyze voice for compliance, workforce optimization, and incident reconstruction.



In a world of evolving regulation, the need for providers of financial services to keep a secure and accurate record of voice communications is greater than ever.

We help hundreds of financial organizations of all sizes around the world comply with regulations which are designed to help organizations improve operational transparency, deter market abuse, and mitigate risk.